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November 03, 2014

EmpiriStat's Dr. Close Elected Secretary on Key ISCB Committee


Dr. Nicole C. Close, President and Founder of EmpiriStat, Inc., has been elected Secretary of the Statistics-in-Regulatory-Affairs (SiRA) group for the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB), and is excited to begin her term in December 2014.  This latest appointment expands Dr. Close's contributions to the ISCB and provides another opportunity to impact international statistical guidances and regulations.
As previously reported during the ISCB's 33rd Annual Conference in August 2012, Dr. Close was appointed to the SiRA subcommittee, which made her the sole American in the group. She remains the sole U.S. representative, but Dr. Close will now take over secretarial duties for the outgoing Christos Nakas of Greece.  Other countries represented among SiRA's membership are Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, and France.
The SiRA subcommittee reviews, comments on, and seeks to influence the development of regulatory requirements, guidelines and other documents concerning the scientific aspects of data generation, collection, management, analysis, and reporting.  For the upcoming year, namely the upcoming 36th Annual Conference of the ISCB scheduled for August 23-27, 2015 in Utrecht, Netherlands, the SiRA subcommittee will seek out and handle all regulatory issues in the name of the ISCB with the approval of the President or in his/her absence, the Vice-President.
The ISCB was founded in 1978 to stimulate research into the principles and methodology used in the design and analysis of clinical research and to increase the relevance of statistical theory to the real world of clinical medicine.  With a global effort in mind, the ISCB aims to work with other societies and organizations in the advancement of biostatistics and promote high and harmonized standards of statistical practice, and further to promote better understanding of the use and interpretation of biostatistics by the general public, and by national and international organizations and agencies within the public and commercial sectors with an interest in, and/or responsibilities for, public health.
Through her peer respected educational seminars, Dr. Close has always urged the clinical research community to: learn and use statistical terminology appropriately; appreciate statistical considerations when planning, designing, and analyzing a clinical trial; learn statistical concepts of variability, bias, estimation, and hypothesis testing; and learn why and how to engage a statistician when conducting clinical research.  It is with this eye on global education and collaboration for the advancement of better, more uniform biostatistics, that Dr. Close's goals, expertise, and experience fit so well within the ISCB's goals.
For more information on the ISCB, please visit their site ( Membership is open to all interested individuals who share the aims of the society.
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