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April 13, 2009

SCT Elects EmpiriStat President to Board of Directors

Dr. Nicole C. Close, founder and president of EmpiriStat, has been elected by her peers to a three-year position on the Society for Clinical Trials (SCT) Board of Directors. In joining this prestigious board, Dr. Close will continue her long-established record of leadership in the world of Clinical Biostatistics and work to educate and mentor fellow Biostatisticians, as well as guide this Society into the next decade. “It is such an honor to be elected by my peers to the Board of Directors and I am very grateful for even just being nominated,” Dr. Close said.  “As a junior investigator and statistician, I looked up to my mentors and professors for their wisdom and guidance. SCT was the first Society I joined as a professional under the guidance of Dr. Joel Verter at the GWU Biostatistics Center. I remember going to my first meeting in Boston for the Society and signing up for the conference dinner. I knew absolutely no one and was welcomed whole heartedly to sit at the table with my Director Dr. John Lachin and his colleagues upon arriving. What a fascinating evening it was sitting with such statisticians as himself, Dave DeMets, Sam Greenhouse, and Nathan Mantel to name a few. That will be a night that a young statistician will never forget.”
Created in 1978, SCT is an international organization dedicated to the development and dissemination of knowledge about the design, conduct, and analysis of government and industry-sponsored clinical trials and related health care research methodologies.  Dr. Close related that “SCT is a very important organization that I will be dedicating a considerable amount of time to in my role on the Board of Directors. It is not just because I was elected to do this, but I truly believe in the Society , the collaborations it develops and the educational aspects it brings to both Junior and Senior level colleagues. Economically there are challenges today and in the future, not only to keep such a Society running but to increasing its membership. Competing memberships, limited travel funds, and more than enough work to keep us all employed for years are just some of the issues I am sure I will be tackling. It will be a challenge, but one that I am looking forward to and welcome whole heartedly.”
Anyone interested in joining SCT or to simply to find more information, is encouraged to review their website (
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