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October 03, 2012

Celebrating National Women's Small Business Month

In honor of National Women's Small Business Month, EmpiriStat celebrates women small business owners everywhere.  It is their hard work and entrepreneurial spirit that are integral parts of the bedrock of the American economy.

Today, women own 7.8 million businesses in America, with the number of women entrepreneurs growing by more than 20% between 2002 and 2007. 

EmpiriStat's own founder and principal biostatistician, Dr. Nicole C. Close is one of those women that the U.S. Small Business Administration has designated October to celebrate.  As founder and president of one of the region's most dynamic research support organizations, Dr. Close knows what it takes to create and run a successful enterprise, balancing budgets, making payroll, and creating jobs.  She built her company from the ground up while identifying cost effective strategies for information technology, establishing a flexible and dynamic business philosophy, and changing the traditional corporate bricks and mortar expectations through establishment of a virtual based company.

EmpiriStat is the small precise company in a land of big CROs (Contract Research Organizations).  By assembling a crew of efficient, passionate and personable professionals, Dr. Close's EmpiriStat rivals the largest competitors by offering unparalleled expertise and support for clinical trials and statistical analyses. 

Mentors provided the encouragement for Close to think beyond normal boundaries.  This out of the proverbial box approach has guided Close’s philosophy on the types of services offered, the manner in which services are delivered, and on corporate structure.  By consciously staying small and delivering big, Close and crew are able to identify and respond, more personally, effectively and flexibly to a client’s needs, which often change during the span of a study or project.  Large, hierarchal corporations are not equipped to be so pro-active and responsive. 

In a relatively short time, their quality-driven service has enabled EmpiriStat to build an enviable list of dedicated clients and partners, most of which came to EmpiriStat via euphoric word of mouth which Close and team are grateful for.  With speaking engagement invitations still pouring in, a 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year for Women in Technology under her belt and a 2011 Best Place to Work (Frederick County, Maryland), Nicole shows no signs of slowing down.

Hard work, determination and ingenuity are what provided the foundation of what made and continue to make this country great.  Dr. Nicole Close and brave, vibrant women entrepreneurs like her are the embodiment of all three.

For more information about EmpiriStat, Inc. please contact Caylee Ortega, Chief Operating Officer at [email protected].

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