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September 30, 2012

EmpiriStat Wins Contract to Research Young Women Entrepreneurs

If there is one thing EmpiriStat knows, we know what it is like to be a woman entrepreneur.  As the owner of EmpiriStat, Dr. Nicole C. Close started her business with a clear understanding of the roadblocks she may face as an entrepreneur, and possibly as a woman entrepreneur.  She built her company from the ground up while identifying cost effective strategies for information technology, establishing a flexible and dynamic business philosophy, and changing the traditional corporate bricks and mortar expectations through establishment of a virtual based company. Both a sense of cost effectiveness for employees as well as clients, and an improved quality of life has helped to build EmpiriStat.   It is with this understanding that we start, with eyes wide open, to research the trials and tribulations young women face as women entrepreneurs. 

With these insights, we take great pride in announcing our recent contract award through the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC), to assist in their research efforts in the trials and tribulations of young women entrepreneurs.  Under this award EmpiriStat will gather young women who have taken the leap of faith as Dr. Close did, and started their own businesses.  We will collect and assess quantitative research through publications and qualitative research through organized focus groups to identify potential roadblocks these young women entrepreneurs faced as they started their own businesses and identify the different challenges young women face compared to those faced by young men and older women entrepreneurs.  As a result of this research we will be able to present the SBA and NWBC a clear and complete view of our findings. 

EmpiriStat is excited to be selected to perform this valuable research and is proud to work with both the Small Business Administration and the National Women’s Business Council.
For more information about EmpiriStat, Inc. please contact Caylee Ortega, Chief Operating Officer at [email protected]

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