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July 02, 2012

Every Day is Independence Day

Independence Day.  A day of barbecue, fireworks and baseball games; a day of smiling children, political speeches and red, white and blue-frosted cakes.  But what IS America's Independence Day really about?


This is not simply the 'Fourth of July' holiday. Officially it is the anniversary of the day, July 4, 1776, when the Second Continental Congress finally, after much debate and revising, approved the Declaration of Independence.


Independence Day is so much more.  It is our celebration of our becoming a free people; free of tyrannical rule, free of unfair taxation and lack of representation, free of a heavy-handed government standing in the way of the independent, entrepreneurial spirit of its people.


Thanks to our Declaration of Independence, we are collectively parts of a nation....

  • where we can still take solace that our representative government is still chosen by the people, even if we do not always agree with our neighbors' choices.
  • where we can still worship God in our own personal ways.
  • where we can still wake up every day and pledge our allegiance to the most blessed nation and her flag.
  • where we can mourn and honor our fallen while simultaneously celebrating the subsequent, hard-won freedoms.


For many of us, Independence Day is a day of giving thanks, another opportunity to thank our heroic troops and the founders for amazingly crafting documents that are forever relevant, clear, and living.


Many of us will watch parades from a curb and wonder what it is like to sacrifice everything for something so sacred.  We might long for days when men without pause removed their hats and placed them over their hearts in respect for the American flag.  But as we have for 236 years, on this day we celebrate the sacrifices of so many who stood up to tyrannical rule in the quest of freedom, and resolve to continue to defend our freedoms against those who threaten it - to continue the eternal fight we as a free people must engage in to keep America free.


On this and every day, may God continue to bless America and may freedom forever ring.

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