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April 01, 2012

"EmpiriStat” and “Biostatistical Synergy" Officially Trademarked

EmpiriStat, Inc. recently received confirmation that their corporate name and philosophy, "Biostatistical Synergy" have been internationally trademarked.

All businesses, irrespective of size, should have plans in place for protecting their intellectual property. Trademarks are an invaluable business asset and far too often many small businesses overlook the significance of trademarks and the importance of registration
A trademark is essentially what distinguishes your business from the others in the marketplace whereby consumers are able to identify and associate your services or products from the names or “brands” that you use.
"Biostatistical Synergy" has become associated with EmpiriStat, not only because it is printed on the EmpiriStat letterhead and website, but because it fully encompasses what clients have come to expect from EmpiriStat. When a client tries to sum up all the clinical research, consulting and regulatory services that EmpiriStat performs, it is more efficient to express their Biostatistical knowledge and application of clinical research as pure "Biostatistical Synergy."
The EmpiriStat team, including president and founder, Dr. Nicole C. Close, are excited to have made this official step forward as they become an even more influential biotechnological consulting firm, regionally, nationally and internationally.
For more information regarding EmpiriStat's trademark, please go to
To find out what exactly "Biostatistical Synergy" is and to catch some Synergy for you and your firm, please go to or contact EmpiriStat directly at:
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