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March 15, 2012

Small Business of the Year Award Goes to EmpiriStat

EmpiriStat, Inc. is the proud recipient of this year's Small Business of the Year Award from the Tech Council of Maryland (TCM). TCM, the largest technology trade association in Maryland with more than 500 members and representing 250,000 people in the region, presented the award during their 10th Annual Frederick County Tech Awards Reception on March 15, 2012 at the Holly Hills Country Club.

TCM is the premier organization in the mid-Atlantic region for providing professionals’ access to the technology and biotechnology industry leaders from Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. TCM has two major divisions: MdTech which services the advanced technology community, and MdBio which does the same for the region's biotechnology community. It is the mission of TCM to promote the technology industry and to create an environment where technology companies can collaborate, grow, succeed and thrive.
Each year TCM honors those companies and executives that have had a hand in making Frederick County one of the fastest growing communities in Maryland. On their 10th year celebration, they decided to celebrate the tremendous growth Frederick has experienced over the last ten years and those companies and executives who have made it happen. Key to Frederick's growth are entrepreneurs like EmpiriStat's founder and principal biostatistician, Dr. Nicole C. Close, who has not only made her company one of the respected and influential biotechnology firms in the region in a short amount of time, but who also has made efficient use of the most advanced technology available, and made her own technological advancements tailored specifically to her clients' needs.
EmpiriStat's success and reputation have spread to the point that Dr. Close said she was overwhelmed by her nomination and win, but didn’t know who to thank for the nomination! But she and her team of skilled, motivated, client-centered professionals are thrilled that word is spreading.
For more information regarding the Tech Council of Maryland and their annual Tech Awards of Maryland, please visit their website at
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