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April 06, 2011

Wellness is a State…. of Mind and Body

EmpiriStat’s President Dr. Nicole C. Close understands the importance of her colleague’s health and well-being, and knows that taking time to revitalize and recharge is not a selfish act, rather a necessity. It is for these reasons EmpiriStat has launched their “Corporate Wellness Program”. “Our team works hard and plays hard” says Dr. Close, “and having a Corporate Wellness Program allows our employee’s the opportunity to take time out and relax.”


The goal of a good corporate wellness program is to deal proactively with issues like stress, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Prevention of illness and disease is much less costly than treatment. There is significant evidence demonstrating the advantages of corporate wellness programs and the long-term savings it brings to the employer when their employees are given an opportunity to take a personal interest in their own health and an active role in corporate wellness activities. According to the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS), coronary heart disease is the leading cause of mortality in the United States each year. Last year alone, heart disease accounted for more than $137 billion in national medical costs and lost productivity. By implementing EmpiriStat’s wellness program we reduce our employees' risk for heart disease, increase productivity, morale, and reduce health insurance costs.


We implemented our Corporate Wellness Program in January 2011 partnering with another local woman-owned business, the Renaissance Salon and Spa. In fact, it was EmpiriStat’s President who presented the idea to the spa, and they thought it was such an exciting opportunity for employee wellness, they jumped on board.

EmpiriStat’s Corporate Wellness Program provides their employees with a pre-paid card to participate in various spa activities such as massages, facials, pedicures, manicures and more. Employees also receive a discount on all services provided. ‘This allows our employees a bigger bang for your buck” says Caylee Ortega, EmpiriStat’s Director of Business Development, “and the program is very popular with the employees”.

"I have made several appointments with Renaissance for various services, since the implementation of our Corporate Wellness Program. Each time, I have been thoroughly impressed with the professional service and care that I received from the staff. The ambiance and atmosphere of the spa provide a relaxing and calming experience that instantly melts away any stress I’m feeling." said Emmaline DeMeritt, EmpiriStat’s Executive Coordinator.

The Renaissance Salon and Spa has locations in Frederick and Hunt Valley, Maryland. It is their Frederick site that hosts our wellness program. Their friendly staff is helpful in providing the best services to ensure wellness for our employee’s. They believe that you can let the world go for an hour or the entire day as you relax your mind and renew your spirit in the serene environment of their spa. Taking great pride in the spa packages offered, they strive for only the best in customer service while using and recommending only the finest products. For more information on their locations and services visit their website at:

EmpiriStat believes that investing in a good corporate wellness program, will provide an instant return on investment (ROI) through improved morale, healthier workforce, higher quality product, reduced absenteeism, and lower health care costs. For more information on EmpiriStat please go to or contact us directly at:

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