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February 22, 2011

Eye on Education – Shaping Our Future Leaders Through High School Student Internships

 Education has been a big part of the President’s career and something she greatly believes in. EmpiriStat’s corporate approach and philosophy is that we all must continue to learn throughout our lives and careers, and it is our professional duty to offer and provide education and mentorship to others. In the spirit of this philosophy, EmpiriStat has adopted a Student Internship Program for local high school students, interested in pursuing advanced education and a career in the biomedical industry or health science fields. This is a paid internship awarded to one Frederick County Public High School Junior or Senior annually. Student Interns will gain valuable knowledge in the area of clinical research and also basic business practices such as marketing, human resources, networking, and business development. EmpiriStat is pleased to announce the recipient of the student internship this year was awarded to Tuscarora High School Junior, Maggie Albrecht.


Ms. Albrecht aspires to attend Juniata College and hopes to major in sports medicine /athletic training. She has a passion for sports where she already plays active roles in both participation and team management. During the fall season she plays women’s Junior Varsity lacrosse and has been the team manager for several football teams. While in Germany she managed the junior varsity Wiesbaden Warriors, and for the past two years has managed the Varsity Tuscarora Titans football team.


Maggie has discovered a love for travel and culture. Throughout the 4 years she spent in Germany with her father she became proficient in the language and enjoyed her travels throughout Europe. Food, scenery and the Italian culture made her visit to Italy one of her favorites. With an already busy schedule, and little spare time between studies, sports and her internship, Maggie also enjoys spending time outside and being with friends. Charity work and community service is also important to her. During one of her spring breaks she volunteered with her church to rebuild schools and neighborhoods in the Czech Republic.


Maggie demonstrates exemplary skills of dedication, organization and drive. EmpiriStat is not only proud to have her as part of the team but is excited to provide her with the tools and mentorship necessary for the next chapter in her life.

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