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June 01, 2015

EmpiriStat Welcomes Juniata College Student to Their Unique Internship Program

EmpiriStat, Inc. is pleased to welcome Ramsey Amad to EmpiriStat’s unique residency internship program.


Mr. Amad, a 21-year-old rising senior at Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, was eager to join EmpiriStat after meeting EmpiriStat President Dr. Nicole C. Close at a Juniata College Board of Trustees dinner in Baltimore, MD. Dr. Close, a graduate of Juniata is an elected Alumni trustee, and as student body vice president, Ramsey has a vote on the Board and is invited to all trustee events.  Dr. Close was so impressed after the two met and spoke at that trustee event, that she soon interviewed and offered Ramsey to join her company as a summer intern.

EmpiriStat’s unique internship program, allows the student to shadow and learn from Dr. Close directly.  They accompany her to her client meetings and activities, as Dr. Close provides insight in the methodologically and logistical aspects of designing and implementing clinical trials.  Because of the close relationship and collaboration that EmpiriStat has with its clients, several of EmpiriStat’s clients will be hosting Mr. Amad for one or two week assignments directly with their company as well.

During his first month, Ramsey has been getting acclimated to all the basics of clinical trials, including learning about site training, which requires visits to clinic sites to train staff on the clinical protocol and associated procedures. Ramsey said he is also looking forward to learning about data management and statistical analysis later in the summer.

Ramsey, born in Washington, DC, grew up in nearby Vienna, Virginia. After graduating from the McLean School, a private college preparatory institution in Potomac, Maryland, Ramsey chose Juniata College where he has a Program of Emphasis (POE) in biochemistry, molecular biology and peace and conflict studies.  During his educational career at Juniata, Ramsey has been the student body vice president, the treasurer of the knitting club, a writer for the Juniatian student newspaper, and the co-founder of the popular brewing club, Brewniata.  He currently sings in both of the collage’s choirs as a tenor, and is active in helping with diversity and inclusion at Juniata for minority students.

For future goals, Ramsey said they very much depends on what he winds up doing after college, and he is not yet certain which path to follow.  If he opts to pursue his biochemistry degree, his interests lay in the pharmaceutical industry, but with an emphasis on the business side of things as opposed to research. Ramsey said, “with my peace and conflict studies degree, I have been looking into working for NGOs [non-governmental organizations] or possibly even think tanks in the DC area,” adding that, “but honestly, I have no clue where the wind will take me. I could end up working somewhere completely different, and I’m excited to see what interesting opportunities present themselves to me that I can take advantage of.”

When asked how he fits into EmpiriStat’s “work hard, play hard” motto, Ramsey recounts his experience founding his college’s first brewing club:


When I started the brewing club at my school, I thought I’d promote the club by setting up a table outside our dining hall, and asking students (21 and older) who are interested in brewing to sign up.  I didn’t expect to have a very large club – just a small group of students who like to brew beer or who were interested in learning.  What I got, however, was one of the largest clubs on our campus.  Almost half of the over 21 students at Juniata signed up, and I didn’t know how to deal with that many people.  My co-president and I soon realized that in order to make this club a success, we would have to dedicate a lot of time and effort into organizing meetings and training our novice members to brew.  We found ourselves in the brewing lab at least ten hours week to get all the equipment organized and to set up for brewing sessions.  We really did do a lot of work for the club, but when each group finished their batches of beer and almost every batch was successful, we realized the work had honestly paid off.  Not only did our members leave the club with six packs of beer, they also left having learned a new trade, which they can use for the rest of their lives.

Ramsey is excited to be working for EmpiriStat, expressing his gratitude to not only Nicole, but to everyone at EmpiriStat for “giving me this opportunity and teaching me so much already,” adding that “EmpiriStat is made up of wonderful individuals, and I feel privileged to work alongside them all.”

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